Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sears Hires McDonald's Rejects?

I have never worked at McDonald's but my experience as a customer is that its staff is polite, hard-working and customer oriented. I walked into the tool department of a Sears store, today, and asked the early-twenties, perfect-haircut, white-shirt, photo-ID-around-neck salesman where I could find a tapered hand-reamer. He gave me a smart-aleck smirk and said "I don't even know what that is". I said, "Yes, that's what I thought " and walked out. He went on with his "job" which seems to be hanging around the floor until his shift ends. I noticed this about Sears around three or four years ago. It seemed that it had gotten rid of all its old staff and replaced it with "entry-level" people who seem determined to stay at entry level. Considering that it sells nothing that cannot be found elsewhere, I see no reason for me or anyone else to shop there.
As an aside, maybe losing manufacturing jobs overseas is not that bad after all. I sure would not want this kid I talked to, today, to be making a car my child will ride in.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Texas: The Involuntary Euthanasia State

Under this Texas Tiergartenstrasse 4 law, a hospital has the right to kill this poor woman against her wishes and against the wishes of her family. You know, if they just take Texas, reconquista might not be all that bad after all. Seriously. Is Texas America when it has laws like these?

Much more at Texas Rainmaker.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roe v. Wade: Not Only Do Not Children Have Value, They Are A Punishment For Having Sex

Normal, say sane, people consider children a blessing and the most wonderful thing to come into their lives. But not these people or these people. They think people who oppose partial birth abortions and want adoption as an alternative want to punish women for having sex. It takes an exceptionally sick mind to think of children as a punishment for anything. It takes an even sicker mind and heart to stick a forceps into a partially born baby's brain in order to preclude every possibility of its survival should it be delivered alive. Did the seven Justices, in 1973, consider these things? It does not matter. We must put an end to the "Roe v. Wade" gauntlet every Supreme Court nominee must now run through. We need the Right To Life Amendment Ronald Reagan asked for twenty-five years ago.

When the Excuse is Worse Than The Offense: Michael Hiltzik Could Learn From Nasreddin Hodja

The Hodja offended the Caliph one more time, as it was his habit to do, prompting the Caliph to have him brought before him and to demand an excuse. The Hodja replied, "Leader of the Faithful, the excuse is often worse that the offense". The Caliph asked how and the Hodja asked if they could discuss it in the Caliph's garden. As they were walking, the Hodja reached over and pinched the Caliph's botttom. Enraged, the Caliph drew his sword and shouted, "Dog, how dare you?" The Hodja said, "Forgive me, Your Grace, I thought I was pinching the Sultana."

Patterico, in a devastating post, exposed LA Times collumnist Michael Hiltzik as adopting various pseudonyms to praise his own posts and to defend himself on his blog. How did Mr. Hiltzik respond: With this lame, lame, lame evasion about anonymous blogging. An admission of guilt but no defense or apology.
UPDATE: Apparently, the LA Times has suspended, but not taken down, Mr. Hiltzik's blog. Prior posts, including the one linked above, are still accessible.
UPDATE 2: I, too, agree that a a voice should not be silenced over something like this.
DAY AFTER THOUGHTS: If you are inclined to feel sorry for Mr. Hiltzik's predicament just go to this recent post of his and be sure to catch the "remora" reference and also read the very last sentence.
Xrlq says, ... well ... read it for yourselves.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Support of The First Amendment (and Michelle Malkin)

The First Amendment protects the speaker but the real benefit is to his audience. Juvenile punks at the University of California Santa Cruz denied other students truthful, relevant information about their careers by driving military recruiters away. Now the moonbats are portraying the neo-fascist thugs as victims because Michele Malkin called them on it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

When a Joke Is Not Really a Joke: What Roe v. Wade Actually Said Is That Children Have No Value

When I wrote this post I said, in parody, "... there will be further lawsuits against, at least, 1) Providence which forced Agent Paige to shoot himself instead of one or more of the schoolchildren, in direct violation of the constitutional principles which are the foundation of Roe v. Wade ... ." But that's true isn't it? In Roe v. Wade five (or seven) old men determined that children had no value. More posts on this.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Postman Always Rings Twice

How does a nation become a legitimate target for a pre-emptive nuclear strike? By becoming a nuclear power of course. They got away with their lunacy in 1979-1980 because the peanut farmer had the intestinal fortitude of ..., well ..., someone who should have stayed a peanut farmer. (With all due apologies to peanut farmers with guts everywhere.) Now they are raising the stakes and when the bets are called they'll be holding aces and eights.

Happy Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary, My Love!

"Where she was, there was Eden."
(Mark Twain, "The Diary of Adam and Eve".)

Monday, April 10, 2006

What a Maroon! Part Two.

Forget "Drama Queen". Brainless liberal braying jackass suits James Wolcott much better.

Who Thinks Same Sex Marriage Is Too Mainstream?

This law professor, named Gowri Ramachandran, for one. She gave a strong hint: "... such as the assumption that everyone wants to, or should, ape the model of the nuclear family." But I didn't get it. I commented twice and got short shrift. Not so much from her as from her cuckoo choir. I had to read through the comments several times to understand the depth of degeneracy I was dealing with. Not for lack of perception on my part. That much bestial gonadal self-worship is beyond the expectation of any normal human being. I wish I could say I walked into the lion's den. Instead, it feels as though I waded into a cesspool. Who is teaching our kids these days? And what are they teaching them?
P.S. I did learn a new word: "heterosexism". Now, can somebody please tell me what it means?
P.P.S. It's a safe bet that I will not be going back to that site.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

There are two kinds of mistakes. Those we can rectify and those we cannot. In either case, it is pointless to worry about it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Song of the Sea

The best bagpipe supply site in the U.S. I have found so far. I have absolutely no connection with it. I admit that I am biased because it caters to my own preferences.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Be sure to scroll all the way down on this post by Michelle Malkin. It's hilarious. And sad, too.