Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roe v. Wade: Not Only Do Not Children Have Value, They Are A Punishment For Having Sex

Normal, say sane, people consider children a blessing and the most wonderful thing to come into their lives. But not these people or these people. They think people who oppose partial birth abortions and want adoption as an alternative want to punish women for having sex. It takes an exceptionally sick mind to think of children as a punishment for anything. It takes an even sicker mind and heart to stick a forceps into a partially born baby's brain in order to preclude every possibility of its survival should it be delivered alive. Did the seven Justices, in 1973, consider these things? It does not matter. We must put an end to the "Roe v. Wade" gauntlet every Supreme Court nominee must now run through. We need the Right To Life Amendment Ronald Reagan asked for twenty-five years ago.


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