Thursday, April 20, 2006

When the Excuse is Worse Than The Offense: Michael Hiltzik Could Learn From Nasreddin Hodja

The Hodja offended the Caliph one more time, as it was his habit to do, prompting the Caliph to have him brought before him and to demand an excuse. The Hodja replied, "Leader of the Faithful, the excuse is often worse that the offense". The Caliph asked how and the Hodja asked if they could discuss it in the Caliph's garden. As they were walking, the Hodja reached over and pinched the Caliph's botttom. Enraged, the Caliph drew his sword and shouted, "Dog, how dare you?" The Hodja said, "Forgive me, Your Grace, I thought I was pinching the Sultana."

Patterico, in a devastating post, exposed LA Times collumnist Michael Hiltzik as adopting various pseudonyms to praise his own posts and to defend himself on his blog. How did Mr. Hiltzik respond: With this lame, lame, lame evasion about anonymous blogging. An admission of guilt but no defense or apology.
UPDATE: Apparently, the LA Times has suspended, but not taken down, Mr. Hiltzik's blog. Prior posts, including the one linked above, are still accessible.
UPDATE 2: I, too, agree that a a voice should not be silenced over something like this.
DAY AFTER THOUGHTS: If you are inclined to feel sorry for Mr. Hiltzik's predicament just go to this recent post of his and be sure to catch the "remora" reference and also read the very last sentence.
Xrlq says, ... well ... read it for yourselves.