Monday, April 10, 2006

Who Thinks Same Sex Marriage Is Too Mainstream?

This law professor, named Gowri Ramachandran, for one. She gave a strong hint: "... such as the assumption that everyone wants to, or should, ape the model of the nuclear family." But I didn't get it. I commented twice and got short shrift. Not so much from her as from her cuckoo choir. I had to read through the comments several times to understand the depth of degeneracy I was dealing with. Not for lack of perception on my part. That much bestial gonadal self-worship is beyond the expectation of any normal human being. I wish I could say I walked into the lion's den. Instead, it feels as though I waded into a cesspool. Who is teaching our kids these days? And what are they teaching them?
P.S. I did learn a new word: "heterosexism". Now, can somebody please tell me what it means?
P.P.S. It's a safe bet that I will not be going back to that site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big loss.

Tue Apr 11, 08:29:00 AM  
Blogger Eh Nonymous said...

I have to disagree with Anonymous, above. It's no loss if you stop reading writing by those you find degenerate - a label I usually reserve for bigotry, sadism, and fascism, rather than sexual liberalism, but to each his/her own. There are some sexual mores I find personally disgusting or distasteful - but the sort of discussion I was reading lacks any of that.

Of course, anonymous was being sarcastic.

You didn't know the word heterosexism? Well, it's not a new coinage, or anything. It's extremely hard to imagine it happening. Can you conceive of an employer failing to hire, promote, or treat equally an employee, just because they fail to conform to that particular social norm?

"Bestial gonadal self-worship?" (whistling) Impressive. I thought of a clever inversion of that insult, but it would be unkind to hurl it. We haven't met socially.

Your comments about "most societies," and "stable societies," are not persuasive.

Your assumption that everyone does, as a descriptive matter, or that just because your prejudices inform you that everyone should, as a normative matter, wish to belong to a nuclear family is bizarre. Many don't, and aren't. Many haven't, and weren't. To believe otherwise is to ignore the evidence, engage in wishful thinking, and to generalize from an extremely limited (perhaps insular) sample.

If you think that's a lion's den, you are indeed sheltered.

On the other hand, your trolling is extremely erudite, and you are otherwise amusing.



Tue Apr 11, 08:52:00 AM  

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