Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ballad Of The Unknown Pirate

The Ballad Of The Unknown Pirate

Who has ships' captains trembling,
Off the Somali shore?
It's The Unknown Pirate,
An outlaw commodore.

He might command a thousand
Or maybe even more;
But he's the ruler of the sea,
Off the Somali shore.

They say he’s a savage;
His actions they abhor.
He has a family to feed,
And a few thousands more.

They’re jealous of their power,
(And well they should be).
He does not fight for power;
He fights just to live.

“The price of power is struggle.”
How they justify their strife!
He knows a little more than them;
He knows the price of life.

To see his children hungry,
That he will not endure;
He’ll lay waste a thousand ships,
And then a thousand more.

He has ships’ captains trembling,
And fat, soft owners sore;
And they’re not worth a tenth of him,
Off the Somali shore.


Anonymous DRJ said...

You are such a dear romantic, nk. They aren't providing for their families. They're providing for their accountants, arms dealers, and chief negotiators.

Sat May 08, 02:39:00 PM  

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