Friday, August 18, 2006

Nietzsche for Girls?

I have never read Ayn Rand. Actually, I have barely heard of Ayn Rand. However, today, I had occasion to visit Gus Van Horn's Blog and read this post in which he summarizes Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism:

Objectivism says: live by reason, follow a rational code of morality,practice self-interest as a virtue, establish the principles of limited government to define the appropriate uses of retaliatory force. As its name implies, Ayn Rand's philosophy upholds an objective reality, objective cognition, objective values, and objective law.

Well, she does share Nietzsche's disdain of an altruistic moral code or, for that matter, any moral code at all. "A rational code of morality" is nonsense words strung together as much as "self-interest as a virtue" is. On the other hand, she insists on a neat and orderly world wherein what she perceives is real and what she does not perceive does not exist and reason prevails, and wants "a limited government" to protect her where her objectivity and reason fail to impose themselves on the chaos which exists in the real world. A very feminine bestial philosophy.

H/t Xrlq.

IT TURNS OUT that I was more familiar with Ayn Rand than I thought. I have seen the movie "Fountainhead" and remember been totally underwhelmed. Possibly Gary Cooper's worst movie. Unbelievable plot, pompous sermonizing and sophomoric ideas. If it was at all faithful to the book, I am glad I have never read the book.

GUS GIVES ME a moderate chiding. What can I say? How is "love your enemies" comparable with a "rational code of morality" which embraces "self-interest as a virtue"? Which would you say is actually a moral code and which is the sophomoric nattering of a spoiled princess who cares nothing about others but nonetheless wants daddy around to look after her?

A COMMENT I left at Gus Van Horn's earlier, explaining that I was a conservative and not a Libertarian as he labeled me and showing him that I knew enough about philosophy to make a credible argument about his "Nietzschette" never made it past moderation. What a gutless, dishonest blogger.

DIDN'T I SAY " ... for Girls? He allowed my subsequent comment complaining about his deletion of my first comment just so he could take a cheap shot.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New York Times Fails To Warn Terrorists Of Police Investigation: As Many As Fifty British Muslims In Danger Of Being Arrested

Despite its previous sterling record as Al Qaeda's counter-intelligence service, The New York Times, which had revealed the NSA's monitoring of terrorists' telephone calls and the SWIFT program's tracing of terrorists' funds, entirely failed to warn British terrorists of a police investigation aimed at this terrorist plot to explode passenger airplanes over British and American cities.

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