Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Very Funny Haiku From Jeff Goldstein

the prude’s lament, 3: a haiku
See more: The protein wisdom original poems-->

“Sometimes, when I look
at the hole in a donut,
I blush and curse God.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:56 pm [at his site, Jeff Goldstein does not post here]


Anonymous Dana said...

But it's not a haiku! A haiku must have some sort of reference to the season, which this seventeen syllables did not. It is a senryu!

Tue Aug 07, 08:26:00 PM  
Blogger BigLeeH said...

Hardly anyone restricts the term Haiku to only those instances that contain a kigo -- or season word -- although their use is traditional. Other words or phrases that economically evoke the natural world -- frogs jumping in ponds, etc. -- will do although they don't necessarily pin down the exact season.

In this haiku the donut hole evokes the natural world -- in ways that may not bear thinking about but that, nonetheless, meet the test of economy quite nicely.

Wed Aug 08, 04:15:00 PM  

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