Sunday, June 24, 2007

Less than two hours ago a homeless-looking lady approached me on the street and asked: "Can you spare some change?" I gave her a dollar. She said ...: "Can I have one more dollar?"


Blogger BigLeeH said...

Your story reminds me of a colorful local character from my time as an undergraduate at FSU 35 years or so ago. Since there is no way to talk about "Moms" that is politically correct without making her story disappear, I must start by identifying her as an elderly black street person who always wore the same old red dress and carried a cane made out of a broken-off pool cue. She would panhandle at the local student hangouts and was a particular feature of the "Omni" -- an outdoor dining burger joint next to the Fine Arts building. When the students saw her coming they would call "Moms alert!" and those who didn't want to deal with her would scatter.

Her spiel was always the same, varying only depending on whether her mark gave her the money she asked for. She was remarkably direct:

"Gimme a dime, white man." she would say, peering earnestly into your face. If you gave her a dime she would immediately escalate. "Gimme a quarter, then..." but if you refused she would berate you. "You ain't no white man. What is you? You shore ain't no white man..."

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