Sunday, June 03, 2007

Possum gizzards and turnip greens

But I couldn't find any possum gizzards at the grocery store and turnip greens are [politically incorrect epithet] food. So it's pork tenderloin chopped into bite-size chunks, simmering with thin-sliced onion and diced tomatoes, salt, pepper and dill. After about an hour I'll add peas, carrots, green beans, potatoes and baby lima beans.


Anonymous Dana said...

I don't think tha 'possums have gizzards; I'm thinkin' that you have to be a bird to have a gizzard.

Howsomever, if'n you ever' get to Kentucky, there's a fine chain restaurant called Famous Recipe Chicken, that serves some mighty find chicken gizzards dinners!

Sat Jun 09, 07:58:00 PM  
Blogger nk said...

Just a line I stole from "Hillbilly Bears". And I do love chicken gizzards (and necks too). I'm a farmboy and my mother would kill a rabbit on Wednesday and a rooster on Sunday and wouldn't waste a single part.

Sat Jun 09, 09:33:00 PM  

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