Sunday, April 22, 2007

Children Of Men: Stupidest Movie Ever Made

My wife is watching Children Of Men. From what I have caught, walking by the TV, the premise is that humans have become totally infertile and the heroine is a homeless woman who somehow got pregnant but now needs to prevent the government from finding the mystery of her fecundity. Hollywood bullshit -- better for the human race to die out rather than violate somebody's "individual" rights.


Blogger BigLeeH said...

My daughter really likes the book and hated the movie. By all accounts the book is quite good and the film is either mildly bad (if you have not read the book) or infuriatingly awful (if you have.)

My daughter was curious whether the film was independently, objectively bad or whether it is only disappointing if you are expecting the book version. So she dragged me to see it since I haven't read the book -- for a second data point.

The best explanation of what is wrong with the film is Mark Steyn's review from MacLeans magazine.

Tue Apr 24, 03:08:00 PM  

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