Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Law Is A Ass, A Fool: Or, Senescent Justices Who Should Be Dozing On Their Back Porches Instead Of Trying To Manage The War On Terror

An unbelievably frightening opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court. Al Qaeda is entitled to Geneva Convention protection. I wonder when it, itself, became a signatory. And for the life of me I cannot find the provision which says that it is within the rules of war for terrorists to hijack civilian planes and crash them into buildings killing thousands of civilians including children.

Oak Leaf at Polipundit is way ahead on the story.
It did not take long at all for our "loyal opposition" [Loyal? Like hell. -ed.] [Sarcasm, ok? -NK] to interepret this opinion as declaring us guilty of committing war crimes. Unbelievable.
Forget same-sex marriage, flag burning and even a Right To Life Amendment. We desperately need a Constitutional Amendment taking away the power the Supreme Court arrogated to itself in Marbury v. Madison.
I left this comment at DJ Drummond: Anybody who thinks that this case is not better captioned Clerks of the United States Supreme Court vs. George W. Bush underestimates both the left's resentment of the President over social issues and the influence of liberal law school graduate law clerks on the senescent Justices who should be dozing on their back porches instead of trying to manage the war on terror.


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