Friday, June 23, 2006

We Did It Once And We Can Do It Again

If two members of AIPAC can be indicted for conspiring with a government official to obtain classified information so can the reporters and editors of The New York Times for doing the same thing, in my view, for far less noble motives. Follow Patterico's links for the story in case you don't already know it.
I am very disappointed at the weak-kneed reaction of the Administration -- asking NYT to "pretty please" not publish -- once they found out about the leaks. They should have responded immediately with arrest warrants.
ThoughtsOnline has a very interesting and credible speculation about the Administration's timid response.
And there is another credible speculation on the sources of the leaks.
UPDATE: It may be that all the foregoing was pointless. From Patterico:
"This, by the way, may be one reason that the Administration is showing no visible signs of wanting to prosecute the newspapers: the information published by the papers had apparently been declassified before publication."
It's less bad in context. Read the
whole post. But it does look as though we have been defending the honor of a complacent cuckold.


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