Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Ace Consumerism

I posted a few days ago my problems with Ace's drain augers. Well, a toilet auger that I bought from them about a month ago and used only three or four times broke inside the toilet. I had to dip my beautiful Channel-Lok pliers, because it was the handiest tool, in the toilet to pull out the broken coil. I disinfected the pliers with Fantastik and oiled it with WD40. I hope it forgives me. I don't know where Ace's augers are made. I suspect China or Mexico, and even then I don't know where the steel for them comes from. I like my local Ace. The people are knowledgeable and helpful and have helped me jury-rig many a replacement for some 40-year old part. I hope that this is just an isolated bad production run because I want to continue to give them my business.


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