Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If They Charge Me With "Theft Of Services", I'm Charging Them With Criminal Trespass To A Residence

Instapundit links this story about a young man possibly facing "theft of services" charges for accessing his hometown library's free WiFi from his laptop, outside the library. The cops in that town need more cats on trees to keep them busy but I'm going somewhere else.
My home is wired for DSL with WiFi from ATT, for a whopping $220.00 a year plus tax. When I use the cable, my SiteMeter tells me I'm using a steady IP. When I use the WiFi it occasionally shows me a different IP than the one I was using before. Now, I know that there is public (unsecured) WiFi in my neighborhood because my WiFi modem showed me two signals in addition to ATT's when I was configuring it. I'm wondering whether one or the other is overriding my home's signal when I power-up the computer on those occassions when my IP changes.
I'm only kidding about charging them with trespass. I won't even report them to the FCC. I'll just report them to ATT. Nobody messes with the telephone company. Heh!


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