Monday, June 23, 2008

Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night

Attacking passersby in the day.

"There's a predator lurking in Chicago-area bushes these days. He strikes from behind, when victims are least aware."

"Nesting season is in full swing for the red-winged blackbird, making the males extremely aggressive. Walk or bike too close to one's nest and expect to hear its high, menacing squawk overhead. Then comes the peck-peck-peck on your head, victims say, or claws rustling your hair."

"Anyone under the blackbird's radar should stay alert and look directly at the bird .... And when all else fails and dignity is not a factor ... the bird will shoo if you bark like a dog."

I say, just reach over and wring its neck. Then take it home, pluck it, clean it and cook it. I know for a fact that they make some good eating.


Anonymous DRJ said...

About 10 years ago, a bird called a kite invaded our area and attacked people by swooping down like kamikazes and pecking our heads. They are big birds and fast, so they could draw blood and even knock people out.

However, since the birds came here to nest and they were a protected species while nesting, we couldn't do anything to them. Instead, experts recommended that people wear hard hats to protect themselves from kite attacks or carry pole-like objects to divert the attacks.

As a result, for several years it was common to see people in hard hats carrying golf clubs or umbrellas during outdoor activities, and when you live in a desert carrying an umbrella looks even funnier than carrying a golf club. It was especially comical at spectator sports like kids' soccer games, where the spectators were carrying more sporting equipment than the kids.

At the time, it was a pain in the neck - not to mention the head - but in retrospect it's funny. We must have looked like a Monty Python episode.

Tue Jun 24, 12:24:00 AM  
Anonymous DRJ said...

I see you put the zingers quote in your sidebar. I like it! One quote takes you from A to Z.

Tue Jun 24, 12:37:00 AM  

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