Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I Don't Link Instapundit

Because he often links horseshit.

The Greeks themselves were more forthright. They believed, Mr.Spivey suggests, that “all games were war games.” At a conference at Yale this month about Greek “hoplite” warfare — in which a wide array of Greek citizenry supposedly maneuvered together in vast, linked phalanxes — one hypothesis was that this reflected a revolutionary view of an interconnected citizenry. In this light all war games also became social games. At any rate all games were as serious as war, and none were about the brotherhood of all mankind.

The original Olympic Games were a few days during which the Greeks would stop killing each other and gather to celebrate youth, health, strength and beauty. Poetry and music were also events.


Anonymous DRJ said...

I'm on an IP strike now, too.

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