Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seems Like Uncle

does not have enough pictures of pretty things.

The knife is a Gerber FS2 from 1980. The pistol is a Walther PPK/s, in .22LR. From the sixties I'm told-- I bought it on the street in Chicago when I was sixteen or so.

Never has misfed or jammed with Remington Match (Standard Velocity). Never cleaned except with a little brake-cleaner spray and a drop of CLP in the action. I never touched the rifling.


Blogger Machinist said...

A PPK/S would be post 1968. The PPK had a shorter slide and a shorter grip frame from the PP. This did not meet the GCA 68 import points so they put the short slide from the PPK on the longer PP grip frame and called it the PPK/S. When they started making them in the USA they reintroduced the PPK as they did not have to deal with the stupid point system. This was why you saw small pistols with thumb rest stocks and adjustable sights or long barrels at that time as well.

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