Friday, August 19, 2005

Supreme Court Musings

"You are all smart, Your Honors, with talent from birth,
And experienced jurists to boot;
Yet, of all the Amendments, you have demolished the
In opinions less than

"A citizen who works at his job like he should,
Will stay under the police's radar;
Do your nine to five and care for your brood,
And don't go fooling around in your

"You grew old, Justice Stevens, under courthouse domes,
Hearing cases both
mundane and lurid;
But in
Kelo you ruled that we don't own our homes --
Please tell me, why did you do it?"

"You must understand that taxes come first;
They are what governments need to exist.
For us not to get our paychecks would be the worst --
Stop complaining or you'll go on a list."

"You were a conservative, Justice Thomas, with views that were strong,
And appointed by Bush Forty-one;
Yet you voted against
guns and in favor of porn;
How could this have ever been done?"

"When I was in the Army they taught me
Which one was my rifle and which one was my 'gun';
I can be shocked but not shot by pornography --
Just work hard, pay your taxes and have 'fun'."


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